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FAQ: Sealing or expunging a Ft. Myers criminal case.

People often call me and ask, “Can I expunge my case?” The answer depends on how your particular case was resolved, and whether or not the you have any prior criminal cases that would cause a disqualification. If you have been adjudicated guilty of the offense you want to erase, you cannot seal or expunge it. The adjudication of guilt disqualifies you from the seal or expunge process.

Also, if you have ever been adjudicated guilty of ANY criminal offense, that also disqualifies you from sealing or expunging any criminal case. For example, if you were arrested in Lee County, Florida in 2012 for battery, but the charge was dropped by the State Attorney’s Office, you may want to expunge that arrest. However if you also had a prior adjudication of guilt in a different case years from years before, that adjudication of guilt from years ago would disqualify you from expunging your 2012 battery case. In order to seal or expunge any case, you must be able to say that you have not been adjudicated guilty in this case, OR ANY OTHER CASE, ever.

If you have questions about whether or not you can seal or expunge your Ft. Myers, Florida criminal case, send me an email or text.

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