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Bench Warrant in Naples, Florida?

Naples Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer Dominick Russo represents defendants who have failed to appear in court, resulting in a bench warrant.

If you fail to appear in court, the judge will likely order a bench warrant for your arrest. The judge may state an amount of bond on the arrest warrant, or may order that you be held in jail without a bond.

As your attorney, I can contact the State Attorney's Office and find out what they are looking for to resolve the case. If the State is not looking for jail, it may be possible to resolve your case with a negotiated plea, and, at the same time, request the judge set aside the bench warrant. This allows a person to resolve the case and the bench warrant without going to jail. In some misdemeanor cases, this can even be done with a plea in absentia, which would allow you to resolve the case and the bench warrant without returning to Naples. If the State wants jail time, however, this type of resolution is more difficult. In these cases, if there's a bond amount on the warrant, upon turning yourself in, you can then bond out to fight the charges, or work on getting a better resolution. Or, a motion to set aside the bench warrant could be filed, and on the day of the motion, you would have to be present with me to ask the judge to set the warrant aside. To set aside a bench warrant without resolving the case with a plea, you would have to have a very good, valid reason for missing court.

If I can help you with your bench warrant in Naples (Collier County), call me or send me a note using the contact form. I may be able to help you resolve your case, or get you case back on the docket.