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Seal or expunge your criminal record

Erase, expunge your criminal case Naples Florida seal Criminal Defense Lawyer Dominick Russo represents people seeking to seal or expunge a criminal record in Fort Myers (Lee County) Florida. A petition to expunge is most often done when all charges have been dropped, or when criminal charges were never filed after an arrest.

A petition to seal is done when a criminal charge was resolved with a withhold of adjudication, meaning that the judge withheld the formal finding of guilt in the judgment. If you entered a plea, you can't expunge the record, but you may be able to seal it. Some criminal charges are not eligible for sealing, such as domestic violence changes. (If you're found not guilty of domestic violence, or if the State drops the charges, you may be able to seal or expunge the record.) If you enter a plea to a domestic violence charge, it can't be sealed or expunged. Also, if you're adjudicated guilty of ANY criminal charge, you cannot seal or expunge that record, or any other.

If the criminal charge--and the resolution of that criminal charge--permits a sealing or expunction of the record, Florida law also requires that you have never, in any case, been adjudicated guilty of anything. Also, you must not have previously sealed or expunged a case under Florida law, or under the law of any other jurisdiction.

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Okay, you've read this far, so you're probably really interested in sealing or expunging your case. You can find more information, including the application to seal at the FDLE website.

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