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Arrested for worthless check in Naples, Florida?

Naples Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer Dominick Russo represents people accused of worthless check in Naples.

If you've been arrested for worthless check in Naples, you need an attorney. Whatever the reason for the insufficient funds, contact me to find out the best way to resolve this type of case. Worthless check cases are notoriously difficult for the State to prove because of the many elements that must be proven, such as: that you knew there were not sufficient funds in the checking account at the time of writing the check, that you had no arrangement with the bank for payment of the check, such as overdraft protection. Also the person who accepted the check (often the cashier) needs to be able to identify you as the person who used the check. Because of the many defenses available, including other legal defenses I have not listed, we can often reach agreements with the State to pay restitution in exchange for dropping the criminal charges.

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